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Okay. In the interview in the previous post here,*points down* they said there was another tribe of survivors.

Okay, am I the only one getting serious Lord of the Flies vibes here? I mean, who's the leader of our main "tribe?"


And the boar meat? They have food and are all party-like, but kinda violent and there's a lot of dischord.

I wonder how they'll react to the other group of people.
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the entirety of this post is quoted from this mornings SD Union Tribune

" Lost fans have been very unhappy campers....

-What's inside the hatch?
Viewers will find out tonight whats inside...Lindelof rules out aliens, a time protal or a spaceship. But he also says the big suprise about the hatch wont come until episode 3.

-What happened on the raft?
"those who survived the explosion are separated from the rest of the group for the early part of the season" Lindelof says, careful not to say who survived. (that little detail will turn up in episode2.) Because Perrineau, Holloway and Dae Kim are all still on the cast list, you could presume that their characters survived, at least initially. BUt Ian Somerhalder...was still listed as a cast member. One note: a USA TODAY story last week said that only two of the survivors make it back to the raft. It didnt say which two. But we don know that Walt comes back.

-What happened to the passengers in the rear of the plane?
So the producers are now willing to admit that, yeah, there is another group of survivors. They even go so far as to suggest that the two groups will act a bit like the tribes on "survivor", competing for survival (-dearticle: makes me think of whats inside the hatch-which is roumored to change everything about life on the island. rearticle-)

-Any newcomers turning up?
*lists 3 or 4 prominent actors added to the cast list along with their other movies/tv appearances*

-What is the deal with the numbers?
the 4-8-15-16-23-42 sequence Hurley used to win the lottery was never intended to be as central as it's become. *lists places where numbers are found* -as well as a few sopts where you wouldnt. IN the season finale, they turned up in a flashback on the jerseys of a girls soccer team seen as Hurley raced through the airport to catch his flight. (dearticle DID ANYONE NOTICE THAT!!???! rearticle)

-Are we going to find out just why the survivors are on the island?
Someday, although not someday soon, as thats the real mystery of "Lost". The one thing Lindelof promises is that next May, at the end of this season, viewers will find out why Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on the island."

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