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Spoilers abound!

Excerpts from interview with Dominic Monaghan from The Sunday Times tvguide August 21st 2005

Season two spoilers, nothing too big.

He [Dom] ... wanted to address the criticism the finale received when it screened in the US in May. Many viewers were unhappy there were no neat solutions to the shows biggest mysteries: What is the monster? What’s in the hatch? What do Hurley's number's mean? "I think [those viewers] missed the point," Monaghan says ... "I know for a fact that the first episode of the second season will be more revealing than the finale."

... Monaghan reveals more castaways are about to die ... he also believes that no one is getting off this island, no matter what the finale suggests. "For the second season, I think Damon [Lindelof] is keen for the characters to come to terms with the fact that on the island – that there is no escape, there is no rescue coming, there is no signal on the walkie talkie that will save them ... they have to come to terms with building a society, but anarchy could be just around the corner."

"Charlie's a drug addict but he's also a man of faith," Monaghan says. "The question is: Did he take the statue as a symbol of his faith or for the drugs that might be inside?" Monaghan says the faith question will be a crucial issue with Charlie next season. "I love the way his faith and addictions are moulded together ... his weakness is trapped inside his strength. I love the symbolism – he's going to have to break what he believes to get into his weakness."

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